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player spotlight

Illyriad is proud to introduce the Player Spotlight program, designed to recognize outstanding members of the Illyriad community. These players go above and beyond to help make Illyriad a better game through their actions. They may be those who participate in our forums and provide excellent feedback, run player events, lead great alliances in game, run fansites or blogs about Illyriad, maintain player-created game guides, celebrate Illyriad in social media.... or any other outstanding participation as a community leader.

Once a player is chosen for the Player Spotlight program by the Illyriad development team, that player will get the opportunity to do an interview about their background and experiences playing Illyriad for the dev blog and will receive their choice of t-shirt from the Illyriad store.

If you know someone who you think has been an outstanding member of the Illyriad community that you’d like to nominate for a Player Spotlight, send an email to . Make sure to include examples of their participation and why you think they’d be a great choice.

Visit our dev blog to see interviews with all of our Spotlight players.

Jan 2016 - TheDiva

Jul 2015 - Kumomoto

Jun 2015 - Martilicious

Mar 2015 - Ravana

Feb 2015 - King Korr

Oct 2014 - Jane DarkMagic

Sep 2014 - StJude

June 2014 - Kodabear

May 2014 - Mohit

April 2014 - Rill

August 2013 - Myr

July 2013 - Pellinell

June 2013 - Tansiraine

April 2013 - Sa’Belle

Febuary 2013 - The Duke

January 2013 - Auraya

December 2012 - Garthen

November 2012 - Durc

October 2012 - Tallica

September 2012 - Eaque

August 2012 - Bonaparta

July 2012 - Shadow

June 2012 - ScottFitz

May 2012 - Vanerin

April 2012 - SunStorm